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September 8, 2004

Bush's Biggest Mistake

You may recall many months ago when President Bush held one of his rare press conferences where reporters are given an open floor to ask questions. One reporter asked him what he thought his biggest mistake of his term has been. Bush waffled and in an uncharacteristic moment, was unable to sidestep or redirect the question, instead looking like a deer in the headlights. Now, months later, a reporter for Time followed up on that question in the September 6th issue. This time, Bush has a response, however, it's both subtle and slightly mysterious. See for yourself.

Time: One of us asked you at a press conference last April what you thought your biggest mistake was. You didn't have an answer then. Do you now?

Bush: When you asked that question, I was convinced you were trying to force me to say it was a mistake to go into Iraq, which I wasn't going to do. As sure as I'm sitting here, the right decision was to remove Saddam Hussein from power. The tactics going into Iraq were based upon a certain set of assumptions, like refugee flows, hunger, oil destruction. Had we had to do it again, we would look at the consequences of catastrophic success -- being so successful so fast that an enemy that should have surrendered or been done in escaped and lived to fight another day. I couldn't have sat down and said to you, By the way, we're going to be so victorious so quickly that we'll end up having to fight another third of the Baathists over the next year in order to bring liberty to the country. There's an idea that you can chew on.

Posted by davemoore at September 8, 2004 9:18 PM