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Taiwan Trip: The Living Mall and Hsinchu

December 20-21, 2001

On Thursday, we went shopping at the Core Pacific City Mall, a brand new mall that was just built in Taipei. The mall, also called "The Living Mall," is enormous -- 15 stories high with a cavernous hollow interior that allows one to see any floor from any other. In this giant open space is a huge 10-story high sphere that contains a department store. The sphere itself protrudes halfway out of the building as you'll see in the pictures below. The mall was so busy on weekends that they had to limit the number of people going in, according to this Taipei Times story. Luckily, we were there on a Thursday. That evening, we took an hour drive to Hsinchu where one of Helen's uncles and aunts lives. Hsinchu is considered the "Silicon Valley" of Taiwan and has a lot of semiconductor manufacturing facilities. Helen's uncle works a university there, so he was able to take us on a tour of some of the nearby facilities and corporations the next morning. For lunch, we had a very good Native Taiwanese meal, and afterwards we took a bus back to Taipei.

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